Ebnit is not only in the middle of nowhere, but a place where people will always stop to greet each other and find the time for a leisurely chat. Ebnit is exactly where you would like to relax for a while, be it a couple of days or some hours only, where freedom to move is capital, and peace and tranquillity are not just an advertising slogan ... in summer and in winter.

Hotel Gasthaus Alpenrose in the heart of the Walser settlement of Ebnit now shines in new splendour and invites visitors to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind …


The Alpenrose team wishes you a most pleasant time out at the new Alpenrose in Ebnit.


Freitag 22.09.2017  at 17:00 o´clock

in the Alpenrose:



Saturday 23.09.2017 from 1pm closed

for a wedding!