Ebnit is a mountain village at 1075 m altitude above sea level belonging to the municipality of Dornbirn in Vorarlberg (Austria).. Ebnit is a high-altitude climatic resort, set in the mountains overlooking the Vorarlberg Rhine valley. It is one of Vorarlberg's Walser settlements Vorarlberg's Walser settlements.

Driving up from Dornbirn to Ebnit is quite an adventure! You can reach Ebnit by car, motorcycle or mountain bike, and also by taking the regional bus Unterland L47

Ebnit is an ideal base for many walks and hikes, such as the trail to Hoher Freschen, to Kleine and Grosse Klara, or beautiful hiking trails to nearby woods, to the village of Kehlegg, the Rappenloch gorge, the Alploch gorge, or the Karren, the local mountain of Dornbirn.

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